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PPC Advertising Services

In today’s online world, it’s all about driving traffic. No matter what mode your team chooses, if it is driving some decent traffic on your website, it’s good and if it’s not, you need to think about an alternate. Most of the businesses focus on selling goods and services by driving an organic traffic. Creating a website, making it functional via excellent web development tools, ranking it well on search engines, and promoting it on social media are some of the basic things that are done for traffic. But what if you do not get favorable results? What if the traffic you are looking for is not landing on your website? In such case, the Pay Per Click advertising may work.

PPC, or Pay per Click, is all about relevance and clicks. It is the best advertising tool that actually helps you buy your targeted and potential traffic. Compared to standard SEO, It’s quite different in techniques. SEO friendly website is geared with so many keywords to target a particular audience. While Pay per Click advertising narrows down your search to one or two keywords and target the audience accordingly. PPC Advertising is used for all types of campaign goals like increasing sales, generating leads and promoting brand awareness.

We assist you in ad placement on online web pages based on search engine queries, effectively and efficiently.

PPC: Buying the Traffic that You Want

PPC, an acronym for Pay Per Click is an advertising tool that helps you actually buy the traffic. It’s quite different from normal SEO techniques. While making your website SEO friendly, you are geared to target so many keywords and audience. However, in case of Pay Per Click advertising, you narrow down your search to one or two keywords and target the audience accordingly.

A PPC expert creates a Google Ad for your product or service against one or two primary keywords. These ads are displayed in Top 3 positions of Google page(as per you bid) and chances to get your link clicked becomes extremely high. You will get traffic that is not only willing to buy your service but the number of such customers will be quite high. The only thing that you will do to run such ads is to pay Google for each click made on your ad. This is why this service is known as Pay Per Click service because you are paying for every single click.

Search Advertising

We assist you in ad placement on online web pages based on search engine queries, effectively and efficiently.

Display Advertising

Our display advertising services actually unlocks the potential of digital media by promoting your ads in the form of attractive texts, banners videos and more.

Social Media Advertising

We target the right audience with the right type of advertisement. Our Social Media Advertising service is geared to hit the right social network at the right time.


We know how valuable a lead is to the business and our remarketing service makes sure that no lead remains unattended.

Google Shopping Ads

We create online shopping campaigns via Google Shopping Ads that help you promote your business online and drive traffic to the website.

Mobile Advertising

Make your brand noticed and services sell via mobile advertising on smart phones. Let people know about you and your services on mobile phones.

Advertising via Google Display Network, to reach your targeted users.

Access to one of the largest ad networks on the Internet with a cost-effective strategy that lets your ads reach millions of customers. The Google Display Network can place your ads on multiple sites across the Internet reaching customers and potential customers as they browse and search. It’s very similar to Google’s AdSense and puts data about Google’s billions of users at your fingertips in order to target your ads. Learn what GDN can do to increase your exposure and click through rate.

What’s included in professional PPC Management

PPC is not as old as SEO and this is the reason why number of companies offering the PPC services is less as compared to those offering SEO services. Finding the right PPC expert who can bid smartly for your ads is not easy but at YPE Global PVT LTD, it’s just one click away. We have our in-house PPC experts who are pro in generating leads via PPC. They are experienced and well-skilled to run an ad campaign to generate favorable results. When it comes to bidding on ads, we know how valuable the transparency becomes. This is the reason why we keep our clients in a loop in execution every PPC campaign. No matter how small or big the ad campaign is, our PPC expert will keep you updated what we have generated and how long will we reach the target. This is something that we are really proud of.

Now let's address the question, why
  • Keyword Discovery and Selection
  • Ad Text Creation
  • Help with Optimizing Landing Pages
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Campaign Improvement Modification
  • Competitive Research
  • Landing page development and improvements

PPC Management Strategy & Lifecycle

Get the most out of your campaigns, create a consistent and compelling message combined with right keywords, ad messaging and site experience with us to boost up sales. Our regular testing and analysing every aspect of your campaign, optimize it from click-to-close. The precisely implemented combination of PPC management, optimization and analytics are what let us grow businesses.

Research & Analysis

Research and analysis in PPC management play an essential role. Based on research, what the competitors are doing and then making a winning strategy for the most functioning PPC ad is what we always do. We analyse your competitor’s weakness to make your campaign secure. Our hi-tech tools promise high precision to deliver you actual augmentation in sales. Our strategic approach moves ahead to give you guaranteed results with. We promise...

  • Value for money
  • Guaranteed augmented results
  • 24/7 Technical assist agents
Keyword Research

Join us to get the most cost-effective keywords, as this is the key to a successful ad campaign. Actually, keywords are the terms typed by people into search engines networks while looking for something they are interested in. We do comprehensive research to find the best prospects for your business. We have the expertise as well as a set of tools to research thousands of keywords for you. We do a proper search to get the best keywords for your advertising campaign for...

  • Targeted traffic
  • Beat competition, and
  • Cost-effective campaigns
Landing Page Creation

If you want to drive immense sales, then a compelling page is a must. We let your visitors lead to a captivating landing page rather than the cluttered homepage. We put all significant elements carefully from the impactful headline, trusted symbols, the supportive tagline to eye-catching graphics and other things to get you 100% results. We assure...

  • The highly skilled team on work
  • Huge Ad clicks into conversion
  • Recognizable links for a professional feel
Campaign Setup

A successful PPC campaign set is what that confirms a massive sales drive. A strategically crafted PPC campaign provides traffic leads and customers without any delay. This complex and painstaking job we do effortlessly with careful planning. Our determination is to offer a guaranteed result which we have been doing for very long. We bring this most effective tactics to utilize it the most for your brand with...

  • Consistent eye and efforts
  • Specific customer reach
  • Cost-effective tools
Ad Creation

Advertisement creation is the next vital step in PPC management. This demands strategical expertise and highly functional tools. This is the best marketing strategy for all types of businesses and helps them increase brand awareness. An ad campaign is a good set of advertisements twirling around a single message, and we create it more specific. It is intended to achieve a particular goal. It revolves around a single message focussed on driving sales. We assure with our ad creation with...

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Google, Facebook ad creation
  • Proven online campaign metrics
Conversion & BID Optimization

Thoughtful bid management performs an important function that is difficult or impossible to do manually. However, we make it happen effectively with consistent conversion management. Complete transparency, strong control, and trustworthy implements make us give you bid automation even in a tighter budget. We help you meet your conversion targets Bid Optimization Strategies we try...

  • Bid stacking with Automated Bidding Rules
  • Flexible Bid Strategies and spreadsheets
  • Third-party tools
Frequently ask Questions
What is PPC? How does it Work?

PPC or Pay-per-click is an internet advertising method used to drive your targeted traffic to your websites. The advertiser accrues some cost to the publisher when their ad is clicked. It works on specific keywords as the experts narrow down your search on the search engines.

Why is PPC so Important?

PPC is essential due to specific qualities. It helps get consistent and immediate traffic, permits precise targeting keywords, eases business budget management, enhances online visibility, and shows quick results in terms of traffic, sales and leads. Hence, it improves the chances to grow.

What are the Types of PPC services?

PPC becomes successful with its various forms. These are search advertising, display advertising, social media advertising, remarketing, mobile advertising, and Google shopping ads. You can explore other PPC services also as per your business requirements.

What Does a PPC Agency Do?

PPC Agency manages your online marketing through Pay-per-Click advertising campaigns. The experts perform analytically with strategy, design, implementation, SEO, and analysis of ad performance to drive potential traffic quickly to your website. The experts know well where to start from which you might not know.

What’s included in PPC Services?

PPC advertising services are a cost-effective and easy way to generate traffic, sales and leads. When you hire an accredited PPC service, you get research analysis, keyword research, landing page creation, campaign setup, ad creation, and conversion & BID optimisation.

Is PPC advertising service right for all types of business?

Practically any kind of business can make PPC advertising work for them. Several digital marketing networks, like search, social media marketing, display, and retargeting, are based on PPC advertising. Products with an increased customer lifetime value, standard order value, and high margins do well with PPC. Retailers with a diverse array of unique products should also look to PPC for growth.

What is a PPC ad network?

An ad network denotes a platform that delivers your ads to the users. Google Ads, which earlier people call as Google AdWords, is an example of an ad network. PPC Advertising companies can deliver PPC ads on various an ad network, like Google Ads, Facebook, or Microsoft Advertising.

How much does a PPC ad campaign cost?

Prices for a PPC ad campaign vary from business to business. Industries with strategy from small-to-midsize companies can have the ad campaign according to their budget. This price range includes your ad spend and additional expenses, like management services from a PPC agency.