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CRM Devlopment
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CRM Development Service

Do you want to take the assistance of an efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for your business? Looking to upsurge the potential of your sales and customer support teams? Seeking a solution that provides insights into your customer care and sales process? Then, undoubtedly, CRM Development Services is your answer.

CRM automates the business process, takes customer satisfaction to a higher level.

CRM is a powerful tool that assembles, systematizes and manages the customer information. It is the most excellent way to smoothen and boost up sales management, workflow management, marketing processes, customer contacts management, and efficiency.

Why use CRM Services from YPE Global?

Tired of depending upon outdated and disorganized Excel sheets to manage your customer data? If so, deploying our various CRM solutions would be the best solution for you.

YPE Global can develop a customized CRM solution for your company. After knowing your specific requirements, our team assesses the various CRM tools obtainable on the web, including open-source CRM solutions. It identifies the one that suits your needs the best. Then we add additional features, create user profiles, customize the interface and functionalities, and supply you with a packaged solution that can be put to use instantly.

Whether you want cloud-based CRM or in-house software, our skilled team of professionals can efficiently deliver the best solution. Our CRM development method begins by understanding your core demands and business offering. At the deployment process, our developers will contribute to providing the ultimate solution with zero downtime. Get the CRM development services at YPE Global that best match your business demands and increase effectiveness quickly.

Key Features of CRM

CRM software is an automated mode to track and maintain client contact data. It is faster, smoother, and more systematized than a traditional CRM method and uses the most up-to-date technologies available. The CRM tool can support you in setting goals, track customer purchases, deliver targeted email marketing campaigns, and take benefit of social media in one complete report. Any section in your business can take help of CRM software as it is synchronized to an entire association making the allocation, collaboration, and policymaking a lot faster and more precise than before.

CRM software promises a lot of functionality and saves you a lot of time and money for personnel. There are many other ways a CRM software can support your enterprise, but the most significant reason is a better customer management, less loss, and more substantial profits. Let us see what more CRM software can do to your business.

Lead Management

CRM software updates information on a real-time basis with easy tracking of leads. The automated system ensures no leaks anywhere, so every lead in the CRM system is accounted for properly.

Reduce Bogus Activity

Better bring transparency in your business to ensure a cleaner and healthier work culture in your company. No bogus activity would be hidden, communicate well with your team members.

Tracking Alert

It helps you in creating aesthetic and insightful reports that help teams visualize business performance.

Increase Connectivity

CRM helps in refining overall workforce efficiency by offering a better way to leads management, bridging gaps between multiple departments (sales, marketing, etc.)

Building Relationship

This enables you to forge a much stronger connection and a deeper relationship with your clients.

E-mail Campaigns

CRM is the best for email campaigns with its excellent email tools and automation that speed up the outreach process without hampering the quality.

Process of CRM Development at YPE Global

YPE Global Pvt Ltd. capable of implementing massive databases of CRM into your existing system. Moreover, we help your business smoothen your direct marketing, customer information management, database management with the help of our effective CRM solutions.

We always deliver custom CRM Development relating to your business. Our CRM Development Services takes care of all kinds of issues that can occur.

Requirement Analysis

ResearchWe converse well in-depth to obtain your CRM project development requirement in detail.

Analysis and Planning

Next, our project manager analyses your necessities and comes up with a project plan.


Then our CRM experts come up with an initial design plan that is submitted to the client for approval.

CRM Development

As the initial design gets approved, we step ahead to the development of a complete CRM system takes place in earnest.

Integration & Testing

The CRM system is then integrated at the client's end, and the skilled testers start testing the CRM system for any error or bug which are then reported to the development team who make the required changes.


Once the bugs and glitches are fixed, final implementation and integration of the CRM system are performed at the client's end.

YPE Global is flexible enough in terms of functionality and believe us you’re not paying for any features that are not useful to you.